Website Usage Policy.

By using the  website, you accept the following :

  • to be legally bound by the terms of this policy;
  • to have the right to create a link to our website as long as you only link to the homepage of the site located at the URL, unless you've been given consent by us to directly link to any other page of the site;
  • if you link to our site, you are not to link out page within frames of another site;
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All of the content of this website is protected by copyright and can not be used unless you have been given specific permission by America Retold.

Confidentiality Policy.


With the development of new communication tools, it becomes necessary to put increased attention to the protection of user's privacy. As such, we are committed to respect the confidentiality of all personal information we may gather.

Personal information

We collect the following information :

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Mailing address
  • Postal / Zip code
  • Email address
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Marketing information

The information we collect is requested though forms that are made available to you. We may as well use cookies and logs to keep track of visits and user preferences.

Forms & interactivity:

You personal information may be collected through forms required for:

  • Membership or user registration
  • Order form
  • Surveys

We use the collected information for :

  • Order followups
  • promotional offers and information newsletters
  • Statistics
  • Contact

Right of opposition and deletion.

You have the right to refuse to submit some personal information, doing so may however limit your access to certain areas of the web site. You also have the right to demand that your information be removed or deleted  from our records.

To demand that your information be removed from our records you may write to use with this request at the following address: 
By mail: P.O. Box 1027, Tannersville, NY 12485 USA
Email :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Phone : 518-589-0300

Safeguard of your personal information

All of the personal information we collect is kept in a safe environment. Employees who have access to this information are committed to respect the confidential nature of this information. To protect your personal information we use the following:

  • Password protected access.
  • Network monitoring software.
  • System backups.
  • Firewalls.

We are committed to maintain a high level of confidentiality by keeping our systems up to date. However there is always a risk in transmitting private information on the internet and you should always use caution when doing so.