America Retold offers custom design services ranging from the creative development and drafting of designs to the sampling and production of the ultimate product.

Over the 18 years of its existence, America Retold has employed metal, wire, glass, ceramic, resin, wood, marble and fabric with a wide variety of finishes to create an extraordinarily diverse collection of original designs serving the needs of the home and garden and gift giving marketplace.  We have significant experience designing and producing products that include household decorative accessories, hardware, tabletop ceramic and glassware, bathroom accessories, iron and wood furniture and lighting. Furthermore, we have extensive hands-on experience dealing regularly with the challenges typically posed by manufacturers in India and China. Besides the United States, our products are sold in Canada, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, South America, Japan, Australia and India.

In the course of doing business throughout the world, America Retold has compiled a comprehensive reference library of designs and design ideas which are available for custom design development.  Whatever your custom design requirements, you can rest assured that every America Retold design recommendation will incorporate the exceptional style and quality for which the America Retold brand is known.